Do I Want to Go to a Desert Rave?

Press play to hear an audio version of thee post Hello folks. This post came about through a mixture of my own independent thoughts and listening to the latest episode of the podcast over and over again as I edited it, thus causing me to reflect deeply on some of the things that Gemma, Georgie,… Continue reading Do I Want to Go to a Desert Rave?


Asparagus, Vaccines and Common Decency

Hello, welcome to episode 2 of I Don't Sound Autistic! This is a continuation of the conversation Gemma, Georgie, Matilde and I were having in episode 1, and so if you have not listened to that one then I recommend you do that first. Our conversation took some rather random turns but we touch on… Continue reading Asparagus, Vaccines and Common Decency

Personal Perspective

Germany Made Me Gay

Press play to hear an audio version of the post Hello folks! I thought a nice wholesome topic for this post would be my coming out! I promise that my ASD is relevant to the story, and I think it also raises some interesting ideas about how autism and sexual orientation are intertwined. When I… Continue reading Germany Made Me Gay