I am wearing my headphones because they help to control noise levels and are integral to managing my ASD!
Below are some more pictures of my face so you can visualise who you are talking to… or just see what different expressions look like

Who am I?

I dislike trying to introduce myself, but here are some facts about me that should do the trick:

  • My name is Freddy ‘The Rock’ Henderson*
  • I am studied Maths at university
  • I am awful at geography and directions. I have even been known to get lost when walking in a straight line
  • I have special interests in the topics of Harry Potter and Mesozoic reptiles (of the dinosaur, pterosaur and marine varieties)
  • I am openly gay but choose dogs over cats
  • I live in the UK and have 2 brothers and 1 sister. I would like to thank my brother Wills for graciously allowing me to use his microphone to record the audio versions

*No one actually calls me that. I just thought I’d try and start something. I will settle for “The Pebble” if someone else is already using “The Rock”

What do others think about me?

Freddy has the heart of a gay dinosaur with the mind of a mathematician

William – my brother, who gave specific instructions on how to format this quote

Freddy is the most accidentally funny person I have ever met

Claire – my friend

Freddy has the knowledge, personality and white hairs of an old lady with the face of a 20 year old

Soren – my best friend