Where am I and why am I here?

This is a blog centred around ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) from the perspective of myself, Sarah. I should also mention that I happen to be an autistic woman currently studying at university. It contains lots of interesting and hopefully useful information, so please have a look!

What Are Other People Saying?


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  • Bloody Periods
    Hello Folks, today’s post may be most useful for those of us who get periods, but even if you don’t I would still recommend reading this because why not! When we’re talking about autism, one of the most well known traits is an aversion to certain sensory inputs, be it lights, sounds, textures, tastes, etc.… Continue reading Bloody Periods
  • A Russian And A Brit Walk Into A Room…
    Hello folks! Welcome back to episode 5 of I Don’t Sound Autistic! This one is a doozy. My guest this time is my best friend, Soren, and we talk about everything from how we met, to my bad Russian skills. I am also very sorry but there is no captioned version of this episode. I’m… Continue reading A Russian And A Brit Walk Into A Room…
  • To Mask Or Not To Mask
    Hello Folks. I decided that today is a fine day to talk about masking. It’s a term I have used reasonably often, but have perhaps given less explanation as to what it is than it warrants. Put simply, masking is the act of changing your natural behaviour to try and fit societal norms. This may… Continue reading To Mask Or Not To Mask
  • Mindfulness Doesn’t Help With Bear Attacks
    Hello folks. Let me start off by saying that I know this post will be a little controversial, as I know how strongly some people feel about the topic we are talking about today. The topic? Mindfulness. Before I say anything, I want to acknowledge all the benefits it brings to so many people, and… Continue reading Mindfulness Doesn’t Help With Bear Attacks
  • Who Am I?
    Welcome back to episode 4! This time I am joined by absolutely no one, as time was not on my side in the past couple of weeks. Instead, this is a shorter episode where I just explain who I am, in case you are new, and I give some information about what the podcast actually… Continue reading Who Am I?