I Don’t Look… Like A Designer?

Due to some technical issues the shop is no longer active, but there will be another chance to support the blog at a later date

Hello folks, I am beyond excited to be putting out this bonus post, as it is the culmination of months of planning and work! I have been working on a secret project and I can finally reveal it as it is now live. What is the project you may ask? Well, it’s this:

I love doing the blog and podcast, but it takes up a fair amount of time and energy, and while I have had a couple of people ask if there is somewhere to donate to support me, I personally didn’t feel comfortable with that. However, I have created this design which I am now selling in various forms as a way to attempt to make some money off my work, as capitalism is a thing that I can’t avoid. You may notice that the menu at the top of the blog looks different as there is now a “store” button. This will take you to another page where you can buy the “merch” for want of a better term and help support me!

In terms of the design itself, I created it completely by myself after teaching myself how to use design software and it is based on the population statistics of the entire world. This means that I have done my utmost to ensure that the people shown are as representative of the human race as possible. I used various sources and cross checked them all, as well as trying to include various conditions, disabilities, religions, and more. The text is in my own handwriting that I turned into a font to add that extra personal touch.

I am immensely proud of the design and I hope that you also love it. I have also made 4 smaller designs using the people in the main design which will also be sold so that if there are particular characters that you relate to most or that you like, you can see them in greater detail.

I will stop waffling on and instead include some pictures of the designs below so that they can speak for themselves. If you do want to purchase anything, click the button in the menu, or follow the link here. Oh, and by the way, you can get 15% off in the next 2 weeks as a celebratory opening discount! 😉


p.s. this whole thing is very much unchartered territory for me, so the shop needs a little restructuring and I will endeavour to do that as soon as I work out all the finer details!

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