A Russian And A Brit Walk Into A Room…

Hello folks! Welcome back to episode 5 of I Don’t Sound Autistic! This one is a doozy. My guest this time is my best friend, Soren, and we talk about everything from how we met, to my bad Russian skills.

I am also very sorry but there is no captioned version of this episode. I’m having some real problems with captioning, and until I have worked out a better system, I am going to have to only provide the audio version. I am spending time thinking about it though, and as soon as I can, I will go back, produce a captioned version, edit this post, and put a notice up on the blog and the social media so you can watch the episode instead! I am so sorry about this, especially as I have gotten so many messages from people, saying how much they like the captioned version. I also know that this is a failure in my bid to be as inclusive as possible, but I would not have done this if I had another choice. I have got my thinking cap on though, as well as my baseball cap for when it’s sunny, so I am hopeful I can work something out soon!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the episode, even without being able to read along.


Podcast Episode 5

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