Asparagus, Vaccines and Common Decency

Hello, welcome to episode 2 of I Don’t Sound Autistic! This is a continuation of the conversation Gemma, Georgie, Matilde and I were having in episode 1, and so if you have not listened to that one then I recommend you do that first. Our conversation took some rather random turns but we touch on all the topics you have surely been waiting to hear about on a podcast: asparagus, vaccines and why we like it when people show us basic human decency!

For more of Gemma’s rambling please find her on twitter: @quxet1

For more #actuallyautistic content, please visit the blog at i-dont-look-autistic.com

Enjoy the episode!

p.s. the next episode will not be with Matilde, Gemma and Georgie and instead I will be speaking with another guest about how our relationship is affected by my ASD! This is due to wanting to get lots of different perspectives as well as not wanting to exploit my friends and their time! Don’t worry, they will be back though (hopefully!) for every other episode!

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