I Made A (Captioned) Podcast!

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Hello folks! This post contains some very exciting news which I am eager to share with you! After a few months of deliberation and planning, I Don’t Look Autistic is expanding into a new media: podcasting! I have managed to hop on this trend a mere 8-10 months late, and so at the time of posting this, the very first episode of “I Don’t Sound Autistic” will be live on all good podcasting apps. (Spotify, Anchor, Apple Podcasts etc.)

The plan is that the podcast will serve as an additional resource to the blog, not to replace it. The blog will continue its regular posting schedule of every other Sunday, and the podcast episodes will be released on the Sundays in between. This means you will be able to read / listen to new content EVERY SINGLE WEEK! As a special bonus (and also because the recording for the first episode ended up being way longer than I expected) an episode has been released today as well, and part 2 will be released next week. From then on the episodes will be released every other week as per the afore mentioned schedule!

I am very mindful that I try to make the blog as accessible as possible, from recording my writing to including a section for additional communication requirements on my contact form. Therefore, given podcasts are not ideal for the hard-of-hearing or Deaf community, I have thought long and hard about how to get around this problem. My initial idea was to transcribe everything that was said and write it up as an additional post. Then I looked at all my university work and realised that while I can manage the additional work required for the podcast (and indeed find it rather enjoyable!), writing a transcription in this format might be pushing my limit, not to mention the word count of the posts. I didn’t think the university would accept this as an understandable reason for not meeting any deadlines. Therefore, I have come up with a different solution. Given it is proving difficult to learn by yourself, I am not fluent in BSL and so cannot provide a sign language edition, however I am going to ensure that the episodes also come in video format with captioning (which I will check is correct), so that the option of reading what is said will be available. This will not be a video of the people speaking due to various privacy wishes, but I will do my best to make it as clear as possible who is speaking. These videos will be uploaded to the blog each time an episode is released. Therefore, at the bottom of this post you will find the first video.

I am going to keep this post short and sweet and so end it here, and I hope you will have a listen to the podcast. I am very proud of it and I think and hope that you will find it both informative and, at times, funny.


p.s. some terminology:

AQ – Autism Spectrum Quotient: a measure of autistic traits, widely regarded within the autistic community as being useless and demeaning.

Allistic – a person who is not autistic.

(/s) – used in the captioning to denote sarcasm.

Press play to watch a captioned version of the podcast

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